Description of Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery (Vol 1):

After 30 years and more than 70 articles in the model railroad press, we finally get to see Paul’s scenery work up close and “in person.” Look over his shoulder as he adds scenery to a large section of his well known Sn3 layout, the Pelican Bay Railway and Navigation Company. Starting with bare hardshell, watch and listen as he adds wet rock castings and stains them with realistic earth tones. Go on location with Paul as he searches for useable ground cover and natural tree-making material. Watch closely as he builds highly realistic fir and deciduous trees. With his detailed explanation you can easily build these yourself. Paul carefully explains how to place trees, bushes and other secondary growth on the layout. Then he develops a townsite, dirt roads, and other scenery features. Finally, Paul takes you on a tour of this truly fantastic model railroad, describing the concept and design he followed in creating one of the best known model railroads in the country. Beginner or expert, you’ll learn a great deal from one of the hobby’s finest scenery builders.

Description of Realistic Scenery Volume 2:

This DVD is a continuation of Paul Scoles’ acclaimed scenery video Advanced Techniques For Realistic Scenery. Featuring Paul’s well known layout, the Sn3 Pelican Bay Railway & Navigation Company, this video has all new information and techniques. You’ll follow Paul as he completes the scenery on one of the last undeveloped areas of his large layout. You’ll see a moveable ridge, “Furlow’s Corners”, and the engine terminal. Moving to another area, with altogether different scenery, you’ll learn mesa and talus slope techniques, how to do a cut and fill, how to make a streambed, how to pour resin “water”, and a lot more. Careful and thorough explanations and demonstrations are hallmarks of Paul’s style of presentation. His use of natural materials makes it easy to achieve a realistic look to scenery. Even a beginner will get great results right away! No matter your skill level, you’ll learn a great deal from one of the hobby’s finest scenery builders.

Description of Running Trains...Anatomy of and Operating Session

Paul takes you along on an actual operating session with a group of friends on his layout.  He shows how to create and use schedules and train orders to bring your layout to life in an "almost protypical" manner.  Watch as Paul and the other operators deal with scheduled and unscheduled events!

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